Recode your athletic capacity


Systematic Athletic Protocol Design for Tangible Player Results

Athlete Engineering Recode, where accountable management guarantees exceptional results.

What to Expect

Exceptional, Healthy Performance

Exceptional Performance while Staying Healthy. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach that takes care of all the important factors. We can promise to use our expertise to make sure the athlete achieves their goals while staying healthy and happy.

Coach Nick Holmes and his team work closely with every athlete, and every supporter involved in that athlete’s life to figure out what’s most important for their body and mind.

This includes:

How You Move

Comprehensive 8-point assessment and instruction on optimal body movement techniques to facilitate a pain-free, injury-free, and high-performance lifestyle.

How You Think

The athlete will undergo the Mental MRI assessment to ascertain a comprehensive understanding of their mental abilities,  including personalized insights from 2 experienced professional coaches.

How You Feel

The combination of our assessments and courses will provide a solid foundation for enhancing confidence skills, boosting self-awareness, confidence and consistency in their performance.

We lay an exceptional foundation for your extraordinary journey towards peak performance. Start by creating an Athlete Digital Profile on our state-of-the-art platform, as the central hub for all communication and tracking throughout your recoding process.

We’re committed to creating a personalized plan that will propel you towards your
goals. Commitment and Accountability are key to your success!

This includes:

Athlete Digital Profile

To track
and store all of your information,
videos, training plans,
data/metrics and communication
hub with your coach.

Onboarding Survey

The Onboarding Survey  will provide the necessary  background to determine how  to create the best training plan possible to set you up for success.

Goalsetting Program

Daily, weekly, and monthly Goal Setting are required to ensure we are getting to the “Next Dot” in your progression path, including athletic, academic, and personal goals.

Player Onboarding

PLUS Training Game Plan & Execution

Customized Targeted Training

The training process will begin by using the Peak Performance Network Athlete Management System, which will deliver the athlete’s training programs through a mobile app. The athlete must regularly access the app to view and log their assigned exercises. The training will focus on G8Way Max movement and will incorporate protocols from the Latella Neuromuscular Training System. To fully participate, the athlete may need to purchase specific equipment to carry out the exercises effectively and maximize their progress and development.

Daily Athletic Performance Survey (DAPS)

The Daily Athletic Performance Survey (DAPS) provides athletes with detailed insights into their performance and well-being, helping them identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to address them. It allows athletes to track their progress over time, making it easier to adjust their training plan as necessary. The survey includes clear instructions in the How to Complete Daily Athletic Performance Survey guide, and a matrix attached to the daily logs allows accurate input of performance and well-being ratings for precise assessment. Coaches and trainers can offer personalized feedback and advice to support athletes in reaching their goals. Ultimately, the DAPS is a valuable tool that enables athletes to enhance their performance and achieve success.

Physical and Mental
Assessments and Evaluations

G8Way Max

Unlock Your Potential with Comprehensive 8-Point Assessment and Expert Instruction on Optimal Body Movement Techniques for a Pain-Free, Injury-Free, and High-Performance Lifestyle. Say Goodbye to Worries about Non-Contact Injuries and Lingering Pain, and Embrace a Life Without Fear.

Introducing G8way Max: Your Pathway to Unleashing Your Full Potential. Our Program Guides You Towards Correct Movement Patterns, Enhancing Your Potential, and Eliminating Limitations on Your Capabilities. Experience the Transformation Today!

ACE Testing

Embark on a Journey of Excellence with Comprehensive Physical Testing meticulously designed to Gather Invaluable Data, meticulously cataloged within your Athlete Digital Profile. Our Testing Encompasses Critical Facets such as Speed, Agility, Quickness, Power, and Strength. This Acquired Data Sets a Benchmark that illuminates Your Current Standing while offering a point of comparison against the Top 10% of Your Fellow Athletes within your peer group.

Benchmark Testing emerges as the North Star: Discern Your Strengths and Weaknesses across Vital Performance Domains, providing Illuminating Insights to Shape Your Development with Precision and Purpose.


Forensic Analysis

Unveil a World of Knowledge through Thorough Analysis of Testing Results, enabling us to glean profound insights into the Athlete’s Strengths and Weaknesses. This forms the Bedrock on which we construct a Precision-Focused Plan for their Ongoing Advancement and Elevated Progress.

The Athlete Digital Profile metamorphoses into an Indispensable Instrument, meticulously tracing Progress and Enabling Informed Choices to Propel Performance to Pinnacle Heights and Attain those Aspirational Goals.

Hitter Handicap

Introducing the Hitter Handicap: Your Instant Access to Invaluable Data-Driven Feedback. This Feedback not only evaluates the Player’s Concentration but also becomes an essential tool in Fine-Tuning Movement, unlocking the full potential of Power and Efficiency. This is achieved through a deep understanding of the Player’s Individual Capabilities and Current Constraints.

Enhancing this paradigm is the ACE Benchmark Testing Process, which delivers Tailored Insights crucial for each Player. These Insights act as a compass, guiding the Player to adopt Movement Strategies that Maximize Success in the Heat of Competition. Coaches too benefit, gaining the power to Identify Ideal Recruits whose contributions align seamlessly with their Vision and Expectations.

Mental MRI

Embark on a Transformative Journey: Immerse Yourself in the Mental MRI Assessment followed by a Guided Review Session, expertly led by Coach Kelly Ahrens. Post-review, step into a world of self-discovery with the How to Coach Me program, the Self-Scouting Report, and the illuminating Confidence and Consistency Course.

This Pathway offers a Portal to Comprehensive Self-Understanding of Your Mental Prowess. Benefit from Personalized Insights offered by the Masterminds, Coach Kelly Ahrens and Coach Nick Holmes. As these Assessments and Courses Converge, a Robust Platform takes shape, Nurturing Your Mental Arsenal. Witness the Flourishing of Self-Awareness, the Surge of Confidence, and the Blossoming of Consistency in Your Performance.

Zoom Conference

Capture the Essence of Clarity: Join a Recorded Zoom Conference designed to lay the Foundation for Precise Expectations and Firm Ground Rules in the Athlete Engineering Process.

In this Virtual Gathering, we will Craft a Blueprint, a Guidebook that will Navigate the Entire Journey. This is the Launchpad to Convey, Communicate, and Etch the Guidelines that will Govern every Phase, from Inception to Culmination.


PLUS Training Game Plan & Execution (cont.)

 Activity Log

The athlete will log all physical activities completed daily using the Athlete Management System so that a complete understanding of taxation can be accounted for and considered in programming.

Technique & Visual Uploads

The Athlete will record short videos of exercises and/or drills being completed into the Athlete Management System. Video of athletic movements, throwing and hitting will be analyzed using the Sports Trace app.

Zoom Check-ins

Bi-monthly Zoom meetings will be scheduled to review progress, adjust any training or drills, and go over accountability reports.

One-on-One Instruction

Coach Nick Holmes will conduct bi-monthly in-person sessions to guide the athlete in technique and training, typically taking 4 to 6 one-hour sessions to master movements. Daily surveys and technique video uploads will be used to monitor progress and ensure proper techniques are consistently maintained. Regular verbal conversations will address specific training protocols and the athlete’s needs, making necessary adjustments for optimal training. This comprehensive approach includes practical demonstrations, ongoing support, in-person sessions, regular communication, and continuous assessment, providing personalized attention and guidance to enhance the athlete’s training experience and performance.


ACE Benchmark retesting will take place after 45 days of training to ensure proper progression is being made. Additional tests will take place in 90 days to ensure continuous progressive development is taking place.

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About Coach Holmes

Meet Coach Nick Holmes, a true game-changer in the world of baseball with over thirty years of experience. As a former Marine who served during Desert Storm, Coach Holmes brings a level of leadership, discipline, and attention to detail that’s unmatched.

With a profound understanding of the game, Coach Holmes has honed his skills to foster individual growth and development, setting himself apart as a trusted authority in the field.

He’s the visionary behind groundbreaking initiatives like the World Baseball Experience, Kaizen Koaching, Remote Evolution Player System (R.E.P.S), and the popular podcast Love The Game Live The Dream! He harnesses the power of cutting-edge tools like Test & Train Sports, Hitter Handicap, A.C.E. (Athletic Capacity Evaluation), and Athlete Engineering Recode, propelling players, coaches, and teams to new heights of success.

Together, we’re not merely facing challenges; we’re deconstructing them, exceeding benchmark goals, and paving the way for you, your team, or organization to achieve remarkable success.