Be Your Own Coach



Continuous Improvement

A structured approach to help committed players improve their skills and confidence

What do we do?

The core focus of the KAIZEN KOACHING revolves around equipping players with the support and resources essential to learn how to coach themselves.  Our secret weapon? An Athlete Management System that actively tracks and manages the intricate web of development and recovery in real time, putting the reins of success in the hands of the player.

This program is more than a one-size-fits-all deal – it’s tailored precisely to meet each athlete’s unique needs. And we don’t deal in vague promises; our program is designed to yield tangible results within a mere 90-day timeframe. To us, it’s all about solid foundations – that’s why we’re all about evidence-based practices and crystal-clear communication throughout this transformative journey.

Here’s the deal: our approach hinges on accountability. It’s a two-way street that demands a complete commitment from our athletes. But with our systematic and comprehensive approach, our mission is clear: we’re here to fuel your journey to peak performance and make sure you reach every inch of your untapped potential.

Partners in Performance

What’s Included?

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Athlete Management System

  • Digital Player Profile
  • Athlete Maintenance Journal
  • Mobile Communication App

Evaluation & Video

  • Monthly Video Analysis
  • Athlete Capacity Evaluation
  • Benchmark Testing & Comparison

Customized Athlete

  • Weekly Drill Sets
  • Accountability Activity Log
  • Monthly Check-Ins

The Process